A Place to Buy and Sell Architectural Savage

Reclaimed Architecture was designed as an online marketplace to buy and sell architectural salvage and reclaimed building materials. Designed for simple and easy use Reclaimed Architecture was developed for use by builders, designers, architects, salvage yards as well as adventurous home owners.  Reclaimed Architecture does not charge membership fees or listing fees and we understand items listed on our site also remain for sale locally. Here at Reclaimed Architecture we ensure to lend creative and authentic charm to architecture and interior design. Reclaimed Architecture is proud to play a role in the green building movement and creating more sustainable eco friendly designs. Whatever style you are wanting to create, one or two pieces of architectural salvage can not only fit in, but become a focal point. Even the most modern room can benefit by creating beautiful design through sustainability. Reclaimed Architecture is an architectural salvage  marketplace specializing in the reuse of architectural antiques and salvaged building materials ranging from classical and modern to antique with an artistic touch.


At Reclaimed Architecture we enable our store owners to successfully grow through the use of our virtual marketplace while working closely with them to protect and promote their brand, complement their existing retail channels and facilitate smooth logistics. We value relationships and believe these to be the key elements to fostering a successful partnership with our store owners and customers. Our goal is to increasingly grow revenues and become the top online source for reclaimed architecture and salvaged building materials. We work closely to ensure our relationship is complementary to our supplier’s existing sales channels.

Our marketplace is an experience; it is a place to explore, discover and stimulate your imagination. In our marketplace, buyers can find antique doors, vintage hardware, reclaimed furniture and great oddities that have withstood the test of time, traveled the globe, and represent a unique mix of cultures. We look to provide adventurous homeowners, restoration enthusiasts, and designers with a unique marketplace for architectural salvage and reclaimed building materials. Run by a knowledgeable and friendly staff, our marketplace offers an extensive, constantly changing inventory. We are preservation oriented, emphasizing sustainable building practices and green design through reuse.

Reclaimed Architecture offers objects with unique quality, originality and soul. Reclaimed Architecture believes that the beauty of weathered surfaces and worn fragments in various forms can be spectacular additions to home, landscape and office design. Our artistic inspiration is drawn from honest natural materials and excellent design wherever we find it; be it in reclaimed wood, brick, doors or any other architectural element you can think of. We like to believe that even the dullest structures contain marvels. Now begin to explore the exciting world of reclaimed architectural elements and let us help you find the materials you need to complete your renovations and new building projects using rare and beautifully crafted materials carefully preserved from all forms of architecture and design.


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